Front Porch gallery

Paintings by

Juanita Barrow    Darby Britto    Sara Broughton    Geri Davis    Janice Dean  

Lugenia Dixon     Irene Dyck    Shelly Helms Fleishman    Cindy Freund  

Bobby Jones    Suzi Kahler    Margarete Koepfer    Eric Maddox    Derek McCrea 

Betty McLendon    Dick Millman     Arlaine Morrison    Rose Ogle    Diane Osborn  

Camille Owens    Amy Patterson    Adleyn Scott    Emily Spano  

Terry Smith     Brenda Stevens     Ralph Taylor  

Ann Walker    Deanie Wells    Charles Willis

Classes in Acrylic and Watercolor

for all levels forming for weekday mornings and Saturdays

Call for more information -  (706)596-0096

Pottery by

Ned Berry    Juanita Barrow    Liz Bloodgood     Stephen Hawks     Carey Slay

Liz Sabatino     Liz Satterfield     Lauren Bausch OQuin     Nancy Pfennighaus

Shane Schimmel     Julie Windler      and more

Featured Artist for October - Barbara Smenner

Wood:   Donnie Crocker    Ralph Mitchel    Malcolm Conner    J.M Carter

Glass:   Sally Denham                   Stained Glass:   Jim Bryant

Metal Sculpture:   Bill Kes            Fabric art:   Joann Camp

Photography:   Dayton Preston

Jewelry:   Faith Birkhead     Joann McGorry     Smiley Rachel     Lauren Oquin

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